Tour My South Korean Dorm!

Last summer I spent four weeks living in a dorm room at Dongguk University in Seoul, South Korea! I should mention that I was 28 in this video and have had my own apartment since I was 18, so this was a bit of a shock for me! I apologize if I sound a bit snooty in the video but I was really having a hard time adjusting.

If you are planning on staying at this university, I highly recommend getting a mattress pad! The mattress was so hard that I would lose feeling in my legs and arms because it would push on my nerves. I ended up sleeping on my blankets and pillows to keep my hips and ribs from getting bruises!

If you have any questions about my experience, please feel free to ask!






Seoul Series: Shopping in Dongdaemun!

On the first full-day we were in Seoul my friends and I decided that we needed to visit Dongdaemun!

As soon as our plane touched Korean soil we were ready to go out and explore everything Seoul had to offer…this was a big mistake. After spending 15 hours awake on the plane, more than an hour in stop and go traffic getting to our hotel, we immediately tried to find our way to Hongdae that night. We ended up getting lost and cranky. Continue reading

Seoul Series: Flying Korean Air!

Lavender face mist, hot towels, and hours of documentaries were just a few of the awesome perks I got while flying Korean Air during my trip to South Korea! Let me share four awesome things this airline does to make your 14 plus hour flight a little bit more bearable! Continue reading

Seoul Series: Prepping to Leave!

I was busy planning and prepping for my trip before I had even packed my bags for Seoul. If I think about it, it really took me a solid year of information gathering, planning, and researching to get everything ready for me to leave. Even with all the research and planning I did for the trip there were still some things that I missed and not all of my plansā€¦ went according to plan. Continue reading

Soul Series Kick-off: Celebrating One Year

Today marks the one year anniversary from my study abroad trip to Seoul, South Korea! Although I posted blogs about my experience flying Korean Air and my first experience as an international student, I still have thousands of photos and experiences I didn’t have time to share. Continue reading


The idea of capturing something “Pure” really struck me this week. I immediately thought of capturing something from nature. But as I began to look around I realized how easily the impure things can impede upon the pure. Continue reading

A Letter to Seoul


Dear Seoul,

It has been 10 days since I have come back home to Texas and I felt that it was necessary for me to write you a thank you letter. Continue reading

Number 38. I Prostrate in Repentence…

For having thought that only what I saw was correct…39. I prostrate in repentence for having thought only what I heard was correct…45. I prostrate in repentence for having disregarded our only home, earth…70. I prostrate in gratitude for coming to hear the pure beauty of the bird’s singing…85. I prostrate as a vow to refrain from anger..88. I prostrate as a vow from saying hurtful things…96. I prostrate as a vow to be positive in everything I do…108. I prostrate as a vow to transfer all merits accumulated through compassionate action to all beings in the ten directions.Ā  Continue reading

Exploring Namsan Trail!

Namsan Trail is a wonderful place to spend the day away from the bustling sounds of Seoul! This trail is located right behind the university I am studying at this summer. To read more about my classroom experience in South Korea, click here. In the meantime, check out my video of the amazing things we found strolling along the green canopied paths of the trail.


P.S be on the lookout for a separate post about the Hanok Traditional Village we found at the end of the trail! šŸ™‚

The Tables Have Turned: My Experience as a First-Time International Student

International Student

As the clock ticks closer to 9 a.m and students begin filling the classroom I begin to notice that I have become a minority. Continue reading