About Me

Aplomado Falcon right before going into the hack box!
Aplomado Falcon right before going into the hack box!

My name is Casandra Lorentson, but please call me Cassie! I am a former animal trainer, former PR/technical writer, former communication graduate student, and a goal conqueror!

I have recently taken a work-related detour and found myself diving head-first into the world of fundraising. You could say I am a jack of all trades when it comes to the jobs I have held! As the new Director of Development for the College of Liberal Arts at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi I have changed career paths yet again from what I was previously doing.

I have decided to pick up blogging because I really miss being creative. Before I became an “adult,” I enjoyed drawing, painting, and writing poetry. I also noticed that not many people talk about what it is like to balance your life, loves, and career to create a life that is fulfilling. While I have not found that balance yet, I thought I would share my experiences as I go through them (And I have had a lot of ’em).

In a former job, I watched young Aplomado Falcons take their first flights over the salt flats of Mustang Island, TX. This set me on the path of wanting to write about amazing research and share it with the public. I was able to accomplish this goal as a Communications Assistant at Texas A&M-Corpus Christi. Where I translated research from all five colleges into easily understandable web stories for local media and our community. To learn more about stories I have written, visit my work section.

Not only am I a graduate student but I am wife, former HEB Slim Down Showdown contestant, and mother of a lab named Amber and pug named Sir Alex Norton Lorentson III!

So if you too have found yourself doing a balancing act between your school, work, and home life follow along as I share my experiences!


5 thoughts on “About Me

      1. In Sunday School this morning we were talking about how sometimes it’s the search itself that’s important in our lives. A new take on a journey? Thought that was interesting.

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      2. So people say. I have come across so many people who say the many jobs and detours they experienced led them to where they need to be. But I am so impatient that I want to be there NOW. I guess this blog will help me take a look at where I am at in that journey.

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