Hiking Purgatory Creek

Gravel crunching under my feet, dog panting, cicadas buzzing a slight breeze washes over me from atop the flood control dam.

I was born and raised in San Marcos, Texas. I called it my home until I decided to move to Corpus Christi for college. Every time I come “home,” I realize just how long I have been away. Ten years is a long time for a city to change and become almost unrecognizable. My parent’s favorite thing to do is drive me around town to show me what new restaurants have appeared and what old favorites have disappeared. I must admit that I really do not feel like San Marcos is my town any more.

With all the changes come some nice surprises! My mom finally got us off the couch and out of the house to check out the new Purgatory Creek Green Space that has opened on Hunter Road. I remember when the city was just starting the Wonder World extension project to connect I-35 to RR12. Now there is a huge bridge through the area where there used to be low crossing roads.

In its place there is more than 570 acres of green space to hike along! I must admit that I was not prepared for what a nice hike we were about to experience! In Corpus Christi our hike and bike trails tend to be well maintained gravel paths that wind through neighborhoods. Well, what I found in Purgatory Creek were little foot paths winding through meadows, forest thickets, and flood zones.

With 9 different trails to choose from, the avid explorer could easily spend several hours hiking. From beginner to expert, there is a trail for everyone!

If you are stopping by San Marcos and like the great outdoors, I would highly recommend stopping by and checking out this gem of a trek located in the heart of the hill country!

I am sorry that I do not have pictures in this post but I did not plan on the hike being so amazing! I do hope to visit again shortly!


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