Seoul Series: Shopping in Dongdaemun!

On the first full-day we were in Seoul my friends and I decided that we needed to visit Dongdaemun!

As soon as our plane touched Korean soil we were ready to go out and explore everything Seoul had to offer…this was a big mistake. After spending 15 hours awake on the plane, more than an hour in stop and go traffic getting to our hotel, we immediately tried to find our way to Hongdae that night. We ended up getting lost and cranky. If you are a traveler with no subway experience, I would recommend that you wait to go exploring after you have had some time to recover from the flight. But once we were able to get our bearings we headed out to do some shopping in Dongdaemun!

Travelers should be ready to spend an ENTIRE day here as there are several buildings with floors upon floors of shopping. It was raining on the day we decided to go shopping which was perfect because we spent many hours exploring inside of the buildings. I cannot remember all of the shopping center names but I do remember that one was called Doota and another was called Miligore!

Event though we spent all day here, we didn’t really buy anything. Shoppers be warned, the clothes will not fit you if you are over a US size 10. At the time I was a size 8-10 pant and small top and NOTHING fit. My shoulders and rib cage were just too big to fit in Korean made clothing. That was a bummer but we had fun walking around nonetheless! Also be warned, there are some places that do sell bigger clothes which they call “loose fit” or “big size.” Be ready for the shopkeepers to shout this at you as you walk by!

We spent several hours here and still were not able to explore all of the buildings. I visited four more times afterwards before I was able to explore all of the buildings.

Once we were done clothes shopping we visited Innisfree, Skinfood, and Etude House. I know everyone talks about purchasing cosmetics in Myeongdong but I found that I preferred the shopping experience in Dongdaemun. The sales girls were not as pushy and they gave us tons of free samples. We hardly got any free samples in Myeondong.

After all that walking we ate some grilled pork belly (samgyeopsal) for the first time! Enjoy the short clip of our lunch!


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