Pokemon Go: A Community

A shy and introverted teenager talking to a middle-aged mother of three, someone who hates leaving the house walking 3 miles in one evening, and entire families spending quality time together. All of these happenings are the result of one mobile app, Pokemon Go. The entire world is talking about this phenomenon and how it has made nerds all over the world crazy with excitement over reliving their long lost youth. There is so much negativity around this app but what people are forgetting to talk about is that a video game is bringing together wholly unconnected people into a new community.

This is the second weekend that a friend of mine has wanted to go out for a walk with me on the bay front. Of course it was to play Pokemon Go but I was happy to oblige because people rarely want to go for long walks with me! I thought it would be a good idea to practice using my new camera while we were out. These are the pictures that I liked most from the night. They show how one ground breaking video game can motivate people to go outside, walk long distances, explore their town like never before, and come together as a community. I think it is pretty cool! With all the negativity surrounding this video game I thought it would be nice to take a moment and look at the good things that are happening because of it. I know that I am getting to have fun with my friends while going outdoors and exercising! What are the effects of Pokemon Go in your community? Your family? I would love to hear if you are playing!

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