Seoul Series: Flying Korean Air!

Lavender face mist, hot towels, and hours of documentaries were just a few of the awesome perks I got while flying Korean Air during my trip to South Korea! Let me share four awesome things this airline does to make your 14 plus hour flight a little bit more bearable!Since going to Seoul was the first international flight I decided to pay a little bit extra to have a non-stop flight from Houston to Seoul via Korean Air. You know the airline with the commercials featuring gorgeous stewardesses with the fancy neckerchiefs? Ya, that airline! I had previously written a shorter post about the experience here, but wanted to take a moment to provide a bit more detail.

I also had several classmates tell me they had poorer experiences flying other airlines so I wanted to share four things Korean Air did that I thought was really cool!

But first things first, do not ask the flight attendants to take a picture with you. Yes, I know they look like living gods and goddesses in their uniforms with their perfect glowing skin, but they will turn you down. Apparently, they have a clause in their contract that they are not allowed to take pictures…I would like to believe this is true…anyone know for sure? Other than that, the crew really take care of you once you get on the aircraft so on to the four awesome things Korean Air does for passengers!

You can really taste that Jeju Island. *not really but I like to pretend I can.

1. Goody Bags: As soon as I got to my seat I came across a whole bunch of goodies! Everyone gets a baggie that has a toothbrush, toothpaste, disposable slippers, a disposable sleeping mask, and headphones. They also give you a bottle of water, a pillow, and a blanket. I was a bit hesitant to wear the disposable slippers at first but I noticed that everyone changed into them as soon as they got to their seats! So when in Rome…er…so when on Korean Air!

The extra pillow really comes in handy on this long flight because even though the airline boasts larger economy seats, they can still get pretty uncomfortable after a couple of hours.

2. Entertainment: I was so excited that I could not sleep on the flight to Korea and was really grateful for the in-flight entertainment. Oh, and did I mention? The entertainment is FREE! I watched 7 hours of documentaries from Nat Geo, Discovery, and Animal Planet. They also had newly released movies, a collection of foreign films, Korean dramas, and select seasons of television series. If you didn’t want to watch television there were multiple video games to select from!


If relaxing is more your style, there was also a large selection of music! From classical to trending Korean Pop, they had it all. All of this entertainment really helped me to forget that my back and butt were hurting from the many hours I was sitting on it!

3. Food: Now we get to the important stuff, the food! I was initially worried that I was going to starve in-flight so I packed four protein bars, granola, and trail mix. But I did not need any of it!

Our first meal option included the “Korean Dinner.” So naturally I went for it! This included bibimbob, which is rice with meat and lots of veggies, seaweed soup, pickled cucumbers, a fruit salad, and green tea. It was all very pleasant and it was fun tor mix everything together! I would have to say that I had better food in Seoul but this was a nice introduction! Several hours later, the flight attendants passed out steaming buns that were filled with beef, onions, and bell peppers. I wasn’t hungry at the time but I had to try it! We were then fed dinner and I went with the beef option. It was OK. We also had the option to have free red or white wine with our dinner followed by coffee or tea service. Let’s just say you will not go hungry on this flight!

4. Extras! Finally, there were some awesome extras that I really enjoyed! Lavender hand lotion was provided in both restrooms along with lavender scented face mist. This was a really nice touch, especially when I was feeling a bit gross and groggy. The pleasant face mist really helped to wake me up and feel refreshed! The flight attendants also passed out steaming hot towels that were dampened with the lavender mist…HEAVEN. We had this service twice and each time it was so welcomed and soothing.


Basically, everything I had packed in my carry-on bag for the flight was not needed because Korean Air provided it! Again, if you have the chance to try this airline you should go for it!

*Note: I was not paid for this review by Korean Air. These are my own, honest, and true experiences…but if Korean Air decides they want to give me some free tickets to experience their service again, I would not turn it down! ;p



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