Seoul Series: Shopping in Dongdaemun!

On the first full-day we were in Seoul my friends and I decided that we needed to visit Dongdaemun!

As soon as our plane touched Korean soil we were ready to go out and explore everything Seoul had to offer…this was a big mistake. After spending 15 hours awake on the plane, more than an hour in stop and go traffic getting to our hotel, we immediately tried to find our way to Hongdae that night. We ended up getting lost and cranky. Continue reading


Pokemon Go: A Community

A shy and introverted teenager talking to a middle-aged mother of three, someone who hates leaving the house walking 3 miles in one evening, and entire families spending quality time together. All of these happenings are the result of one mobile app, Pokemon Go. The entire world is talking about this phenomenon and how it has made nerds all over the world crazy with excitement over reliving their long lost youth. There is so much negativity around this app but what people are forgetting to talk about is that a video game is bringing together wholly unconnected people into a new community. Continue reading

Photo of Bill Witt Park

Yesterday morning I realized that I have the very bad habit of staring at my feet whenever I walk. I don’t know why I do this, maybe I am afraid of twisting my ankle. But then I remembered the photo challenge for this week and decided to look up, this is what I saw. Continue reading

Seoul Series: Flying Korean Air!

Lavender face mist, hot towels, and hours of documentaries were just a few of the awesome perks I got while flying Korean Air during my trip to South Korea! Let me share four awesome things this airline does to make your 14 plus hour flight a little bit more bearable! Continue reading