A Short Break From Blogging

Good morning my fellow conquerors! I wanted to let everyone know that I will be taking a week off from blogging. Sadly, my laptop hard drive has crashed and with it went all of my South Korea pictures and some post drafts. 

So it might take me a couple of days to get caught up and everything scheduled to post again! It is really tough to get ahead when you have a full-time day job! Are there any other bloggers out there that have full-time jobs too? How do you make time to write and post?

Luckily, my husband (the self-titled tech support guy) was able to purchase a new hard drive off of Amazon for less than what Dell was going to charge us to fix the laptop. I purchased this laptop last year for my Korea trip and within three weeks the hard drive crashed! It has since crashed 6 more times within a year! So hopefully buying a different brand of hard drive can save it!

I recently downloaded the app for my phone and it makes buying things online way too easy! If you are thinking of trying the app out for yourself use my referral link to get a $5 coupon at Amazon for signing into the Amazon App the first time: https://amazon.com/mpr?referralcode=BRIAN80854N&ref_=mpr_tr_ss

Remember it is $5 off if you log into the app for the first time!

You need to use a mobile device and have the latest Amazon app installed on the device to claim the referral code. Supported devices include: Android phones and tablets, iPhone and iPad, Kindle Fire and Fire phones. – From Amazon site

Let me know if it works because I have not been able to try it out with a friend.

Have a great day and go conquer something!



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