The Curves I Love to Hate

I recently gained 25 lbs in a year. This may not seem like a big deal but I lost over 60 lbs and have been able to keep it off for three years. I am having a hard time and I am really beating myself up about the weight gain. I have come to realize that with all this extra weight there are some new curves that I love but there are some new curves that I love to hate.

061816 Curves I Love to Hate Resize

How do you feel about your curves?

I believe that this is just another thing in my life that I can conquor! New goal, 25 lbs are gonna go bye-bye by October! I can do this!


5 thoughts on “The Curves I Love to Hate

    1. Well to be honest, I counted calories and went to the gym almost every day. I ate three meals at 300 cals and three 100-15o cal snacks. I rarely went out to eat. We ate a lot of veggies and meal prepped everything. I did bootcamps, TRX, weight lifting, zumba, and cycling classes. I was also running 3-6 miles two times a week. It really has to become a second job! When I went back to grad school, I stopped all the working out and just counted calories.


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