Soul Series Kick-off: Celebrating One Year

Today marks the one year anniversary from my study abroad trip to Seoul, South Korea! Although I posted blogs about my experience flying Korean Air and my first experience as an international student, I still have thousands of photos and experiences I didn’t have time to share.

Last summer, I spent five weeks in Seoul. I left the United States on June 18 and didn’t return until July 26. I was able to spend the whole first week sight-seeing and getting used to the city. Three good friends of mine decided to join me on that first week and we had a blast! After that first weekend ended they went home and I spent the next four weeks studying Korean Film and Korean Language at Dongguk University.

Those five weeks have created memories that will last a life-time and I really want to share them with everyone because I am truly grateful that I was able to have this opportunity! So please stay tuned for more experiences, pictures, and possibly some video of what it was like to go abroad for the first time!

Seoul Series 1 Pic
A preview of all the awesome things I will be sharing!

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