Six tomatoes, one red

numbers small
Six tomatoes, one red

I decided to try my hand at the photo challenge for Numbers. At first I was going to do a complicated compilation of the numbers that guide my daily life (my calorie intake, my calorie burn, the number of steps I take, mls of water I drink, pounds I weigh, etc…). But then I found this picture and it was so simple that I really liked it. Numbers do not have to mean a lot, they can mean a key few. That is why I liked this picture of six tomatoes I grew in my garden this year. There are six of them and one is red.

I have plenty more pictures of my small garden, it is my place of joy right now. I would love it if you shared your garden pictures with me too so that I can share in your joy!


4 thoughts on “Six tomatoes, one red

      1. You’re very welcome, Cassie. I have started appreciating the value of a backyard (which I don’t have at the moment) and homegrown vegetables in general. 🙂


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