The Saga of Captain Curly Tail

Today I decided to participate in the daily prompt and thought that I would share the saga of Captain Curly Tail, scourge of the seven seas!

Check out this video that gives you a sneak peak of Captain Curly Tail’s Saga:

But all silliness aside, the true saga of Captain Curly Tail, also known as Alex Norton, our pug is that he was recently diagnosed as heart worm negative!

We adopted Alex from a local pet shelter two years ago. When he came to us he was so underweight that his little ribs and spine were sticking out. He was also diagnosed with heart worms.For the past two years we had him on the slow kill method and we are happy to report that he is heart worm negative!!

Since then he has become an important piece of our family. He loves his big sister Amber and snuggling. He brings us a ton of laughs and is the clown of the family. All in all Alex’s saga is not the most exciting but It is just begging! Stay tuned for more posts about our pets!


4 thoughts on “The Saga of Captain Curly Tail

    1. Thank you so much! I was really worried that the slow kill method would not work but it did! It really pays to have your pets on heartworm prevention because the meds to treat are very expensive! We are lucky that the shelter we adopted him from covered ALL the costs.

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