Number 38. I Prostrate in Repentence…

For having thought that only what I saw was correct…39. I prostrate in repentence for having thought only what I heard was correct…45. I prostrate in repentence for having disregarded our only home, earth…70. I prostrate in gratitude for coming to hear the pure beauty of the bird’s singing…85. I prostrate as a vow to refrain from anger..88. I prostrate as a vow from saying hurtful things…96. I prostrate as a vow to be positive in everything I do…108. I prostrate as a vow to transfer all merits accumulated through compassionate action to all beings in the ten directions.  Continue reading


Exploring Namsan Trail!

Namsan Trail is a wonderful place to spend the day away from the bustling sounds of Seoul! This trail is located right behind the university I am studying at this summer. To read more about my classroom experience in South Korea, click here. In the meantime, check out my video of the amazing things we found strolling along the green canopied paths of the trail.


P.S be on the lookout for a separate post about the Hanok Traditional Village we found at the end of the trail! 🙂

The Tables Have Turned: My Experience as a First-Time International Student

International Student

As the clock ticks closer to 9 a.m and students begin filling the classroom I begin to notice that I have become a minority. Continue reading