Airport Shuffle!

Ok well maybe not much of a shuffle, in fact, getting through the airport in Houston was fairly quick and painless! We made it through security check-in without any trouble and are now waiting to board Korean Airlines! DSC02429You know the airline with the fantastic commercials sporting gorgeous stewardesses. Ya, that airline!

Now I personally have never flown anything other than American Airlines (and Sometimes Delta) and I have noticed that the seats are so hard that even a one hour flight is unbearable. So you can imagine my disdain over having to spend almost 15 hours in one of those horrible seats! Even though the airplane we were in had new 18in wide seats, they were still tough on my back and legs. Even sitting on two pillows, my back ached terribly. I would recommend getting an aisle seat so that you can stand in the aisle. That is the only thing that saved me.

Enjoying my pure Jeju water (didn’t taste any different but still cool!).
Loads of free stuff to keep you entertained.

The best thing about the flight was the service. The stewardesses were so nice and they feed you a lot! We had two meals and two snacks during the flight. We also had a hot towel service!

Another cool thing was that there were tons of free things to do to keep you entertained. The screen on the seat had free music, games, puzzles, the latest movies, television series, and documentaries. Needless to say out of the 15 hour flight I accomplished about two hours of work on my thesis. 😦 But I did watch 5 documentaries, The Hobbit, A Korean Drama, and listened to two albums (I didn’t sleep at all).

Overall, I would definitely fly Korean Air again! The cost of the ticket was well worth the service and care they provide while in flight. The only thing that I was bummed out by was that the stewardesses could not take a picture with me. I think it is against their policies so you will have to take a flight to see them for yourselves!

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