Words of Wisdom

Photo courtesy: The Coastal Bend Innovation Center

It’s always good to remember that we all start at the beginning! This is especially important for me to remember because I have changed career fields and have found myself starting over again!

I went from working with raptors and shorebirds to becoming a technical writer for a four-year university. Not only did I switch career fields but I decided to get a Master of Arts in Communication! Most people find it very interesting that after getting a Bachelor of Science in Biology I decided to move to communication. At first it felt like I had made a very big mistake. I did not know the theories or anything about communication, other than it had something to do with talking. Three semesters into the program and I am finally starting to feel like an expert!

I hope that you too can feel like an expert one day! If you feel more like a beginner, don’t worry you will get there!

How many times have you changed careers or jobs and had to start over again? Let me know in the reply section!


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